LePrivé collars are exclusively designed to snap into the neckline of LePrivé tops. They work as a set and allow for that perfect collared look. Great, I get it. Thanks.

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LePrivé knows what it takes to live a full life and empowers women to effortlessly adapt their style to look their best throughout their day, every day. Through its high quality creative product line, LePrivé allows women to express their uniqueness through endless collar combinations. We believe if you dress the part, you will walk the walk. From there, the sky's the limit.
While delivering consciously-made, affordable, and easy care products, we are committed to lead the era of sustainable fashion such that we harmonize our values and ways of life with our environment. On this journey, LePrivé has a special focus on the role that women play in realizing this vision.
Founded by three women from culturally diverse backgrounds, LePrivé’s aim is to merge comfort, style, versatility and easy-care to make you look your absolute best, at all times.
As the world changes and our most precious resource -- time -- gets filled with engagements, obligations and responsibilities, our commitment at LePrivé is to simplify and augment your experience of getting dressed.
As women ourselves, and having spent time with other women, it’s a struggle to find stylish, comfortable and different outfits each day. LePrivé products are designed on the premise of building blocks: each piece is interchangeable allowing for a variety of creative and stylish outfits to be at your fingertip. Best part is, everything is machine washable and easy to care for.