LePrivé collars are exclusively designed to snap into the neckline of LePrivé tops. They work as a set and allow for that perfect collared look. Great, I get it. Thanks.

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Thank you for your interest in LePrivé! We are excited to share with you some information about our brand and our story. For more info about working with us or for press inquiries, please send Tanya a note at

How the dickey top & collar set work

Achieve the dress shirt look without all the layers. LePrivé's top and collar system are designed to work perfectly with each other for optimum style, comfort and ease.

To learn more about the LePrivé system, check out the video below.

What people say about LePrivé

"LePrivé has the look of a button down blouse + a sweater without the bulkiness which makes for perfect layering under blazers, vests and jackets. The interchangeable collar system is easy to snap on/off and SO fabulous! Genius!"

Stella Leo, @stylishlystella 50K followers

"I recently discovered LePrive‘ and it’s completely changed my mind on how easy can be to look pulled together! As a mom on the go, doing drop offs, work from home, zoom calls, and the general daily hustle …. these swappable tops & collars are perfect."

Suzanne Cohen, @gothamlove 60K followers

"The perfect zoom call vibe. Dress shirt look without the layers. Dickeys are back!"

Salina, @salina_sincerely 23K followers

"Detachable collars and swappable tops ? Yes, you read it right! LePrivé has made it easy to achieve these ultra comfy, chic and versatile looks without the layers! The collars can be easily snapped on to the top to achieve different looks!"

Trish, @just_trish_style 20K followers

"Who wants to bring some preppy chic style into their life?! LePrivé is making it so easy to achieve with their detachable collars & swappable tops…can we say super versatile & bye, bye to uncomfortable layering!!"

Lindsey, @abovethelawstyle 15K followers